Our goal

Neutronics brings together a range of techniques such as neutron diffraction, small-angle scattering, quasi-elastic or inelastic scattering of polarised or unpolarised neutrons, imaging and reflectometry. Across a wide range of themes, from magnetism to soft matter and physical chemistry, neutron tools provide unique access to the structural, dynamic or magnetic properties of matter, as demonstrated by the many works published each year. It provides answers to societal challenges such as fundamental research, materials, energy, health and the environment.

The Société Française de la Neutronique aims to



neutronics within the scientific community: neutron scattering days (JDN), thematic schools, thesis prize, SFN collection, website…


the French neutronics community: dissemination of information

Raising awareness and training

young researchers in neutronics: specialised schools, continuing education initiatives


the French community at French, European and international level


exchanges with other communities and learned societies

Our activities

The Neutron Scattering Days (Journées de la Diffusion Neutronique)

Every year, the Journées de la Diffusion Neutronique are organised under the supervision of the Société Française de la Neutronique.

The SFN’s thematic schools

Thematic schools are organised on different scientific fields or certain neutron scattering techniques. For most of the thematic schools, the courses are published and made available to users. The series now includes many volumes covering a wide range of neutron techniques and scientific topics.

They are freely available on the EDP Science website.